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MegaScreen Multicolor Editor v2.5 + v1.081995 Magic Soft [?] Moscow8 cracktro
Bridge Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow7 cracktro
Mountain Bike Simulator Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow6 cracktro
Pirates Crack Intro1995 Magic Soft [?] Moscow7 cracktro
Combat School Crack Intro1993 Magic Soft [?] Moscow9 cracktro
Bubble Dizzy Crack Intro 1997 Magic Soft [?] Moscow18 cracktro
Wrestling Superstars Crack Intro1997 Magic Soft [?] Moscow24 cracktro
Wrestling Superstars Crack Intro1997 Magic Soft [?] Moscow24 cracktro
MAGIC Soft Boot v1.3 - v1.7 boot 1993 Magic Soft [?] Moscow24 demo
Sideral War Crack Intro1997 Magic Soft [?] Moscow11 cracktro
Wrestling Super Stars Crack Intro1997 Magic Soft [?] Moscow13 cracktro
Komando 2 Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow28 cracktro
Jaws Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow19 cracktro
Super Cars 128 Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow18 cracktro
Darkman Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow15 cracktro
Assault Course 128 Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow18 cracktro
Scorpions Die Machine Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow25 cracktro
Rise Out From Dungeons Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow22 cracktro
Smagly Crack Intro1995 Magic Soft [?] / Sliders Creative and Hackers Group Moscow26 cracktro
Playable Demo Prince of Persia Crack Intro1995 Magic Soft [?] Moscow13 cracktro
Mercs Crack Intro1996 Magic Soft [?] / Seamans Beer Users Hackers Group [?] Moscow39 cracktro
Championship Run Crack Intro Magic Soft [?] Moscow56 cracktro
Prince Of Persia Crack intro1996 Magic Soft [?] / Titus [?] Moscow84 cracktro
A Way To The Heaven Gates (musicdisk) 1998 Visual / Magic Soft [?] / Extreme [?] Moscow974 demo
ACP Demo 1996 Magic Soft [?] Moscow616 demo
AY-Connecting scheme 1993 Magic Soft [?] Moscow749 demo
Explosion (musicdisk) 1997 Visual / Magic Soft [?] / Extreme [?] Moscow693 demo
Games boot v2.01 1994 Magic Soft [?] Moscow463 demo
Magic Soft boot 1995 Magic Soft [?] Moscow602 demo
Magic Soft Demo1995 Magic Soft [?] Moscow608 demo
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