Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Home Masters boot 1997 Home Masters Tomsk5 demo
Goofy Show1996 Enigma / Sega Master Nizhny Tagil2 demo
Demo-Gift for EA-Soft1997EA-Soft Master / Klim Gromov / Megadate Group Moscow19 gift
Prison Riot Crack Intro1993 Overmaster Kharkov14 cracktro
Smak Megademo Hidden Part1997 Master Home Computers Group Dzerzhinsk6 demo
Inspector Gadget and Circus of Fear Crack Intro 1996 Master Software Ltd Saint Petersburg17 cracktro
Cosa Nostra Crack Intro1996 Master Software Ltd Saint Petersburg14 cracktro
Bignose's Usa Adventures Crack Intro1997 Master Home Computers Group Dzerzhinsk10 cracktro
F-16 Fighting Falcon Crack Intro1996 VT Master Balashiha15 cracktro
Time Scanner Crack Intro1995 Mastersoft ???35 cracktro
Gemini Wing Crack Intro1995 Mastersoft ???47 cracktro
Dizzy X2 Crack Intro1995 Mastersoft ???40 cracktro
Fast Breed Crack Intro1998 Master Home Computers Group Dzerzhinsk52 cracktro
Gravity Wars Crack Intro1996 Game Master / Scorpion Soft Krasnoyarsk46 cracktro
Ghost Busters 2 Crack Intro1993 Ninja Master Krasnodar39 cracktro
Total Eclipse 2 Crack Intro1995 VT Master Balashiha31 cracktro
Total Eclipse 1 Crack Intro VT Master Balashiha31 cracktro
F16-Fighting Falcon Crack Intro1996 VT-Master Moscow24 cracktro
Smak Megademo1997 Master Home Computers Group / KZS Corporation Dzerzhinsk51 demo
Hard Drivin Crack Intro1993 Overmaster Kharkov24 cracktro
Zynaps Crack Intro1997 Master Home Computers Group Dzerzhinsk 99 cracktro
Master Player - Virtual Player v0.82 1996 Dismaster Kharkov66 demo
Moonwalker boot1997 Moonwalker / Master Home Computers Group Dzerzhinsk612 demo
Blava Demo 1281992 RumatiSoft / Busy / Double Masters Slovakia717 demo
DiHalt'1999 Invitation1999 FaceOff Association / Master Home Computers Group / Power Project Group Dzerzhinsk1537 demo
Anamnesis AY version1999 Real Masters [?] Petrozavodsk1st on CC ' 1999846 demo
0,5' (512b intro)1999 Real Masters [?] PetrozavodskCC ' 19991870 demo
2001 (4k intro)2001 LEV / Wintmasters ???CC ' 2001943 demo
512shka (512b intro)2002 Neo / Virtual Masters KovrovCAFe ' 20021116 demo
Anamnesis1999 Real Masters [?] Petrozavodsk1st on CC ' 19991331 GS demo
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