Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Death Wish Crack Intro1994 Ros Ltd Rybinsk1 cracktro
Howard The Duck Crack Intro 1993 Ros Ltd Rybinsk3 cracktro
Obliterator Crack Intro1994 Ros Ltd Rybinsk2 cracktro
Danger Mouse Crack Intro1994 Surdakar Group Rybinsk1 cracktro
Windows Demo 1993 SHRSOFT / Infosoft Group Rybinsk19 demo
Metabol Crack Intro1997 Surdakar Group Rybinsk5 cracktro
Formula 1 Manager Game Crack Intro1996 Auryn Group Rybinsk44 cracktro
Thanatos 128k Crack Intro1997 Surdakar Group Rybinsk43 cracktro
DJ Puff's Volcanic Erruption Crack Intro2001 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk41 cracktro
Line of Fire Crack Intro1999 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk82 cracktro
Times of Lore Crack Intro2001 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk76 cracktro
Dragon's of Flame Crack Intro2000 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk65 cracktro
Tai-Pan Crack Intro1997 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk59 cracktro
Souls of Darkon Crack Intro1999 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk66 cracktro
Kloun CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk78 demo
Sky Ranger Crack Intro1996 Ray Software Rybinsk336 cracktro
Star Glider Crack Intro2001 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk505 cracktro
Anekdots Fixxar Rybinsk595 demo
Bulls Fixxar Rybinsk554 demo
Holms Fixxar Rybinsk578 demo
dRain 2007 Alff / CyberPunks Unity [?] RybinskCC ' 2007821 demo
Adventure #8 boot 1998 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk792 demo
Adventurer 12 boot 2001 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk808 demo
Adventurer 7 boot 1997 Surdakar Group / CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk843 demo
Adventurer 1996 Surdakar Group Rybinsk944 demo
Adventurer Cav Inc Rybinsk849 demo
Aerial (512b intro) 2003 Alff / CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk945 demo
Aleshka 1998 Fixxar / Alex Shvedov Rybinsk1256 demo
Ambience (512b intro) 1999 Xn0bys / CyberPunks Unity [?] RybinskCC ' 19991032 demo
Anger2004 CyberPunks Unity [?] Rybinsk1st on ASCii ' 2004945 demo
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