Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Countries of the World - Continents and Oceans 1982 Hewson Consultants Ltd United Kingdom28 demo
Draw 1982 Psion Software Ltd / Sinclair Research Ltd United Kingdom4 demo
Cats 1982 Shiva Publishing Ltd United Kingdom2 demo
Softalk 2 1982 CP Software United Kingdom2 demo
Softalk 1 1982 CP Software United Kingdom1 demo
Countries of the World - Continents And Oceans Rus 1982 Hewson Consultants Ltd / vBv United Kingdom556 demo
Lesson 1-3 Rus 1982 Psion Software Ltd / Vasilevskij Vladimir United Kingdom507 demo
Lesson 3-4 Rus 1982 Psion Software Ltd / Bogdanow V.Y. United Kingdom575 demo
Spectrum Demonstration1982 Oxford Computer Publishing United Kingdom447 demo
Spectrum Hue and Cry 1982 Tim Hartnell / Your Computer United Kingdom546 demo
Strange Patterns1982 James Southgate / Your Computer United Kingdom572 demo
Union Flag 1982 Penny Vickers / Sinclair Research Ltd United Kingdom530 demo
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