Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Learn to Read 1-5 1984 Macmillan Education Ltd / Wlodek Black [?] United Kingdom2 demo
Backpackers Guide to the Universe Instruction 1984 Fantasy Software United Kingdom10 demo
Light Show 1984 Ziga Turk / Fly Ltd Slovenia10 demo
Music Typewriter 1984 Soft-Music Switzerland21 demo
White Lightning Demo1984 Oasis Software United Kingdom39 demo
Adventure Game Freak, The 1984 TEL United Kingdom80 demo
Complete Machine Code Tutor, The 1984 New Generation Software / Jakov Trubinov United Kingdom476 demo
LMOWA 1984 Piotr Parlewic Poland563 demo
Windos Demonstration 1984 Ian Briscoe United Kingdom738 demo
Nuova Newel 1984 Load 'n' Run Italy703 demo
Campagna Abbonamenti 1984 Load 'n' Run Italy630 demo
Dhuo - Rome by Night1984 Ideal Software Spain577 demo
TC2048 Demo 1984 Soft1 LC Portugal623 demo
Effetti Sonori 1984 Load 'n' Run Italy732 demo
Road Education 1984 Load 'n' Run Italy644 demo
PlayGames Extra Intro 1984 Extra Software Italy561 demo
PlayGames 1 Intro 1984 G.B.Max Italy604 demo
PlayGames 2 Intro 1984 G.B.Max Italy617 demo
Special PlayGames 1 Intro 1984 G.B.Max Italy615 demo
Special PlayGames 4 Intro 1984 G.B.Max Italy597 demo
Animation 1984 Mike Rapps / Sinclair User United Kingdom714 demo
3D Rotator 1984 Mark C. Jones / Your Computer United Kingdom1223 demo
Digital Wristwatch 1984 Douglas Richardson / ZX Computing United Kingdom695 demo
3D-Graphs 1984 Marcel Sutter Germany723 demo
3D-Naslov 1984 SAM Svoj Majdtor Bosnia694 demo
Abakus 1984 Abakus Poland660 demo
Alphabetter 1984 Macmillan Education Ltd United Kingdom651 demo
Animator Rotacija 1984 SAM Svoj Majdtor Bosnia664 demo
Big Brother - Eye, The 1984 S Burke / Sinclair User United Kingdom688 demo
Currah MicroSpeech Demo 1984 Aardvark Software United Kingdom664 demo
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