Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
MagMag 0/941994 Sinclair Club Zlin Czech Republic2 demo
Robocop 3 Crack Intro1994 Tima Yunaev / Robert Maksimov / Studio Spectrum Lvov 6 cracktro
Dizzy X Crack Intro1994 Tima Yunaev / Robert Maksimov / Studio Spectrum Lvov 11 cracktro
Stuck-Up Crack Intro1994 Tima Yunaev / Robert Maksimov / Studio Spectrum Lvov 7 cracktro
Rebel Planet boot 1994 Vladimir Rubtsov Donetsk14 demo
Victory Center Ltd boot1994 Victory Center Ltd Saint Petersburg10 demo
Satisfaction Megademo (Scorpion)1994 Code Busters [?] / Monsters Productions Kharkov33 demo
Increment Ltd v1.0 boot 1994 Increment Limited Reserved ???21 demo
Bor-Fies Crack Intro1994 Boev Soft Voronezh49 cracktro
Music FX1994 Increment Limited Reserved ???31 demo
JUA 2 boot1994 Studio JUA Saint Petersburg16 demo
Asterix boot 1994 Vladimir Rubtsov Donetsk20 demo
The Last Duel Crack Intro1994 Fantomassoft Moscow64 cracktro
Lemmings Crack Intro1994 ROK Software Minsk64 cracktro
Kommersant Crack Intro1994 Mild Software Minsk82 cracktro
Dragon Spirit Crack Intro1994 Silicon Brains [?] Nikolaev71 cracktro
Rick Dangerous 2 Crack Intro1994 Oldman Moscow38 cracktro
Freestyle BMX Simulator Crack Intro1994 Perestroika Software [?] Tver34 cracktro
Elite 2 Crack Intro1994 Perestroika Software [?] Tver30 cracktro
Hypa Ball Crack Intro1994 Fikus-Pikus Novosibirsk27 cracktro
High Lander 1 And 2 Crack Intro1994 S.A.W. / T.A.W. Tomsk31 cracktro
Xecutor Crack Intro1994 Alex Plusov Minsk33 cracktro
First Division Manager Crack Intro1994 Green Slimers Rovno25 cracktro
Dark Fusion Crack Intro1994 Vitaly System Minsk40 cracktro
Grange Hill Crack Intro1994 Andrew Isaev Moscow37 cracktro
Express Raiders Remix Crack Intro1994 The Boss Krasnodar31 cracktro
Super Hero Crack Intro1994 Sckacheck Andrew Novosibirsk30 cracktro
Zynaps Crack Intro1994 Stealcopy Tolyatti18 cracktro
Rebus Crack Intro1994 Multi Soft Moscow34 cracktro
Intergalactic Cage Match Crack Intro1994 Multi Soft Moscow35 cracktro
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