All ZX Speccy Demo 1982 - 2015Download [466 mb]
PoS site archive (7z)Download [678 mb]
Himik's ZxZ/PoS-WT software archiveDownload [202 mb]
Old pirated software 7z archiveDownload [337 mb]
CRANK games archive(109 discs)Download [_36 mb]
Andi games and system-software archive(27 discs)Download [_10 mb]
Demo-releases from Tula, photosDownload [_12 mb]
Russian ZX Speccy Fido archiveDownload [215 mb]
Virtual Tr Dos Site (19.01.2010) rarDownload [1,20 gb]
Volgodonsk games archive (538 discs)Download [193 mb]
Zx Chip Volgodonsk Collection'sDownload [697 mb]
Zx Spectrum tzx Games Pack Part1+EmulZwin 2.7Download [_95 mb]
Zx Spectrum tzx Games Pack Part2+EmulZwin 2.7Download [_91 mb]
SamCoupe Demo & Journal collectionDownload [_40 mb]
Collection's All Demos Site ZXAAA 30.11.11 г.Download [350 mb]
Collection's Disk's Softstar (Moscow) rarDownload [_316 mb]
Energy Minds Demo archive (Vitamin) rarDownload [_80 mb]
New Demos Disks AY,GS 03.12.09 (AAA) rarDownload [_76 mb]
Collection's Laks (Perm) rarDownload [_96 mb]
Collection's BDA CD_Playgear (Kemerovo) 7zDownload [509 mb]
Collection's Dragon BBS (Leningrad) zipDownload [253 mb]
ZXAAA 3 Fuck goblin ArchiveDownload [3,95 gb]
Tygrys Demo (tap) ArchiveDownload [23,3 mb]
Disks Collection's LDE (Moscow)Download [_80 mb]
Disks Collection's Wizard (Saint Petersburg) 7zDownload [120 mb]
Dr.Bars demo collection(140 discs)Download [_54 mb]
Dr.Bars games collection (245 discs)Download [_96 mb]
ZX Speccy Nomy Gfx collection (235 discs)Download [_76 mb]
Disks from Rostov ZX-users (133 discs) Download [_46 mb]
Rusik_D games archive (19 discs)Download [__6 mb]
Boot's archive (15 discs)Download [__3 mb]
Collections Wlodek Black/Alone Coder (43 discs)Download [_17 mb]
Elephant Games Collection's (186 discs)Download [_55 mb]
Games Collections's TZX Format (7z Archive)Download [285 mb]
Collection's MMA CD (Mass Graves) v0.83Download [631 mb]
Collection's Dupanov Alexei (Moscow,1992)Download [_34 mb]
Collection's Magic Soft Disks (Moscow) 7zDownload [104 mb]
Collection's Rindex Disks (Himki)Download [103 mb]
Collection's Keeper26 Disks (The city of Stavropol)Download [104 mb]
Collection's Isaev A. Disks MKHG (Moscow)Download [200 mb]
Collection's Kacev Vladimir (Taganrog)Download [_97 mb]
Collection's Hooy-Programm (Europa) 7zDownload [274 mb]
Collection's acid nature,point777 rarDownload [175 mb]
Flash Card Penteva Software rarDownload [475 mb]

Video Wild Demos ZX Spectrum

Blackstar_Master_12_03_2010Download [_36 mb]
Pimp My Spectrum by ate bitDownload [136 mb]
Reconstruction Chaos by newartDownload [_21 mb]
Amstrad_Scenedemo_Batman_ForeverDownload [233 mb]
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