Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Spectrum Sprites Demo 1985 Robert Newman / Your Computer United Kingdom2 demo
Digit-Alk Toto 3 1985 HZ Hungary7 demo
Digit-Alk Toto 1 1985 HZ Hungary5 demo
Pro-Dos 1.1 Demo 1985 HJB / KSEL Germany13 demo
The Landscape Creator 1985 Brian James United Kingdom43 demo
Paint Plus Demo1985 Joe Gillespie United Kingdom33 demo
Typical Computer Shop, The 1985 TEL United Kingdom87 demo
Computer Salesman's Phrase Book, The 1985 TEL United Kingdom81 demo
IQ Test 1985 Zbynek Nejedly Czech Republic94 demo
Peepshow 2 1985 QW / Awk Software Germany418 demo
Border Efekti 1985 Aleksandar Radovanovic Serbia437 demo
View to a Kill, A Intro 1985 Domark Ltd United Kingdom719 demo
Spectrum Parlante 1985 Claudio Cimini Italy588 demo
Fumetti 1985 Roberto Pellagatti / Load 'n' Run Italy687 demo
Fumetti Custer 1985 Roberto Pellagatti / Load 'n' Run Italy666 demo
Italia Tour 1985 Load 'n' Run Italy650 demo
PlayGames 8 Intro 1985 G.B.Max Italy619 demo
Special PlayGames 11 Intro 1985 G.B.Max Italy638 demo
Special PlayGames 14 Intro 1985 G.B.Max Italy618 demo
Format 64 In Line 1985 Megasoft Bosnia677 demo
Espirales 1985 Alejandro Culvez / Marcos / MicroHobby Spain755 demo
Micro Music 1985 Colin Christmas / ZX Computing United Kingdom642 demo
Rotate 3D1985 Load 'n' Run Italy704 demo
Turtle Graphics 1985 Ian M. Collier / Your Computer United Kingdom590 demo
K7 Humor 1985 Xavi Marti Puchecha Spain749 demo
K7 Poster 11985 Xavi Marti Puchecha Spain755 demo
A.E. Drums 1985 Einstein Software United Kingdom1753 demo
Beethoven's Arrangement 1985 Maiolino Italy706 demo
Beszed 1985 Voicesoft Czech Republic747 demo
Buon Natale 1985 Luciano Prelli Italy676 demo
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