Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Key Test 1989 Wlodek Black [?] Moscow9 demo
Norton Commander v1.01989 Bill Gilbert / Skyr And Co Poland9 demo
Go To Hell 21989 Jacek Michalak / Golden Fly Poland3 demo
J.S.Bach D-moll Toccata And Fuga1989 Mikro-Fon Hungary13 demo
Gergely-Naptar 1989 Mikro-Fon Hungary4 demo
Fuxoft Soundtrack 41989 Fuxoft [?] / Risens From Hell Czech Republic11 demo
TFF Demo 21989 TFF Team / tiboh Hungary20 demo
Fuxoft Soundtrack 41989 Fuxoft [?] / Tima Yunaev Czech Republic19 demo
Kassoft 6th Demo1989 Kassoft / Anatoly Bulatov Poland21 demo
Shanghai Warriors Demo1989 Players Software / Your Sinclair United Kingdom18 demo
Michel Futbol Master Game Demo 1989 Dinamic Software Spain47 demo
Street Cred' Football Demo1989 Players Premier / Sinclair User United Kingdom36 demo
Music Demo 01 (Pentagon Fix)1989 The Cat Hungary88 demo
Sky 4 (Pentagon Fix)1989 Hacker Chris / tiboh Poland52 demo
Solar Invasion Menu (Pentagon Fix)1989 Software Creations / tiboh United Kingdom47 demo
Aufwiedersehen Monty1989 Creative Technology Institute / Las Denmark30 demo
128Magnet Demo Part 21989 Br0mba / Recly Computer Company Poland58 demo
Quinquagesima1989 The Lords / Phantasy Netherlands96 demo
Hacker 3.1 1989 Liviu Daia Romania84 demo
Hacker 2.0 1989 Liviu Daia Romania81 demo
Hacker 1.0 1989 Liviu Daia Romania75 demo
Pokemania 71 1989 Crash United Kingdom70 demo
Pokemania 72 1989 Crash United Kingdom75 demo
Top 128k Part 31989 Bill Gilbert / ATEst Software Poland139 demo
Miracle Demo (Pentagon Fix)1989 Mac / Kalantaj Konstantin Poland85 demo
Sabrina Demo1989 Br0mba / Perestroika Software [?] Poland223 demo
Darts Lord1989 The Lords / Perestroika Software [?] Netherlands338 demo
Crazy Sample 21989 The Lords / Perestroika Software [?] Netherlands372 demo
Duel, The: Test Drive II Demo1989 Random Access / Accolade Inc / Crash United Kingdom537 demo
Fractals 1989 James Cox United Kingdom674 demo
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