Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Subliminal Extacy Test 1997 Pro Hackers Dynasty Minsk1 demo
Sistem Boot v1.2 boot 1997 Daimon ???1 demo
One Sector Boot Setter 1.0 boot 1997 Inside Law Voronezh2 demo
IBM Amulator 1.01 1997 One Man Minsk1 demo
Operation Aquatrash Intro 1997 Pro Hackers Dynasty Minsk1 demo
Viewer $ 1997 Goev Ruslan Minsk5 demo
Message 1997 Dr.Dash / Merlin Software Tula2 demo
He-Man Crack Intro1997 Grodnosoft Grodno5 cracktro
Smak Megademo Hidden Part1997 Master Home Computers Group Dzerzhinsk3 demo
Powerama Crack Intro1997 Grodnosoft Grodno11 cracktro
Rogue Trooper Crack Intro1997 Grodnosoft Grodno11 cracktro
Ninja Commando Crack Intro1997 Grodnosoft Grodno7 cracktro
Coliseum Crack Intro1997 Grodnosoft Grodno6 cracktro
Z-Team boot1997 Z-Team Association Inc Odessa20 demo
Apollonov A.V. Recommends (e-book) 1997 Anatoly Apollonov Arzamas12 demo
Mario Islands Crack Intro1997 Omega Hackers Group [?] Rostov-na-Donu16 demo
Real Copy 1.41997 Real Software Brest16 demo
Hardware Wizard boot 1997 Hardware Wizard Nizhny Novgorod10 demo
Marwin's Gallery Info 1997 K3L [?] Czech Republic4 demo
Virtual Man Gift1997Virtual Man 0 OK.Studio Kursk 19 gift
GamesKiller 18 Gift1997 GamesKiller 2nd floor Kursk15 gift
GamesKiller 18 Crazy 2 Birthday Gift!1997GamesKiller Virtual Man Kursk18 gift
Queen - Champions of the World Coming Soon1997 X-Com Kursk3 demo
Morph High Demo 256 (Profi)1997 Great Tandem Hackers Group Kursk7 demo
ABC boot1997 ABC Kursk5 demo
Casey Jones Crack Intro1997 Lone Wolf / New Russian Guys Shadrinsk8 cracktro
Battle City Game Demo1997 Biland Podolsk5 demo
Postman Pat 1 And 2 Crack Intro1997 Merlin Sarapul10 cracktro
Street Gang Crack Intro 1997 ZX Best Hackers Group Kamensk-Uralsky8 cracktro
Wizard of Land Oz Crack Intro1997 Sudden Prodigy Incorporated Saint Petersburg23 cracktro
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